Born Naked
     Femmephobia, Femininity, Gender Performativity
     (book design, editorial)
Femmephobia is the fear or hatred of persons who are perceived as femme, effeminate or feminine regardless of their gender or sexuality.

Prompted by everyday manifestations of explicit and internalized misogyny, Born Naked is a curation of essays and photographic works that propose to break from rigid gender rules. Essays include Judith Butler’s work on gender performativity, an alternative perspective on gender— to think of gender not as an assigned object, but as a constantly lived-out performance. A gallery of images showcases the selected works of Robert Mapplethorpe, Lissa Rivera, and Francesca de Chirico; each photographer’s work represents a facet of the diverse range of people who identify as femme, prefer to be femme, want to be femme. Countering gender anxiety and antipathy with acceptance and appreciation, the book approaches femmephobia with a softness intended to disarm, inform and inspire.

✳︎ Special thanks to Tyrone Drake

     The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook
     Editorial feature for HOT DOG MAGAZINE
     (editorial design)
Editorial feature on Alice B. Toklas, who was American writer Gertrude Stein’s lifelong partner, and the cookbook/memoir that she authored and published after Stein’s death.

Included as a feature for HOT DOG Magazine (WIP), a fictional magazine about food, film and literature.

     Georg Kaiser Booklet
     (editorial design)

A small booklet giving introductory information on the German Expressionist playwright Georg Kaiser and his notable works. The main visual identity uses fragmented geometrical shapes as a nod to the aesthetic style of expressionist theater.

 Detectives and Perverts
 (promotional material design)
Promotional flyer designed for a presentation on camp aesthetics, suburbia culture, and the dualities of the human psyche in David Lynch’s 1986 film Blue Velvet.